A few months ago we snuck a peek at Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 Bridal Collection set to be in stores July 2012. This collection featured the introduction of the color black to the wedding industry, as well as some darker tans and coppers. Despite the untraditional nature of the colors, I fell in love. Granted not every bride could or would sport a black (or tan) frock on their wedding day, but for those that would… well, it was hard not to swoon over the dresses.

 left: Jasmine | right: Juliet

 left: June | right: Jacqueline

But for her Spring 2013 Collection, Vera really outdid herself. During Bridal Fashion Week in NYC, she unveiled a new line of crimson dresses. I can’t say that I could EVER pull off this color, but they really are fantastic!

left: look 5 | right: look 14

To see all of the looks from this runway, visit the Vera Wang Facebook page (where all of these pictures came from).

And what would you do? Is this too untraditional for your taste? Would your grandmother roll over and faint? Or would your friends absolutely die over how amazing you look? (Friends should do that no matter what you wear on your wedding day, FYI)