Omnivent Event ServicesWay, way back in 2011 we interviewed Doug Mackie of Omnivent Event Services. Through the past four years, we’ve learned more about Doug and his insane talent for completely transforming spaces in the most stellar and professional of ways. He’s expanded, grown and become even more of a cool guy that he already was.

Hello again, Doug. How are you?

Doug: Hello Danielle, I am well and excited to be speaking with you again about Omnivent.

Omnivent Event Services

So, the last we spoke, you were kicking butt doing your thing. But we all know so much changes over a few years. So what’s new?

Doug: I have to admit, since the last time we spoke, Omnivent has expanded. We have added new services, added new staff and have grown as a company. We have added a furniture division adding chiavari chairs to our collection and a wide variety of tables and the like. We have expanded our draping facility and the means to hang heavier and crazier drape shapes in the air. As well as our lighting division which has grown threefold.

We have added a collection of fine crystal chandeliers and expanded our string light (cafe) to have many styles and looks available to our customers.

We have also expanded our corporate end as well, providing large scale events with audio, video, drape and decor.

Is there any wedding day advice that you’d like to pass along to couples?

Doug: Talk to your production people early. There are a lot of options that a good lighting designer can offer that are dramatically more interesting then uplighting. Uplighting these days is quite a keyword but is not the only way to light a room. It was basically made a “standard” by people who don’t want to climb a ladder….lol.  Good lighting actually lights something. Uplighting only defines the space, it doesn’t light anything else. Uplighting in some situations is the correct answer, but not all the time. I could get all technical here, and if you want to see a comparison, check our website.

Omnivent Event Services

 What are FIVE adjectives you’d use to describe Omnivent’s style today?

Doug: Omnivent 5 adjectives would always be Safety, Visual, Metropolitan, Elegant and Special.

If you were a hamburger, what kind of burger would you be and why?

Doug: Jeez, really? A delicious ⅓ pounder with the trifecta of sauce and a great dill pickle. Bun, Sesame.

Omnivent Event Services

What are you favorite style of weddings?

Doug: The best weddings to me are the ones that challenge Omnivent to push our limits. Since we design from the ground up, I love the ones where we are custom building items, and designing a whole new look to an existing room. The type of wedding that is taking a room and creating a whole new space.

Aside from weddings, what are some of your other hobbies/hidden talents/secret powers?

Doug: Well 20 years as a pro guitarist in UUU, scuba diving and a love of surfing and sci-fi.

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Omnivent Event Services