Bridal gloves used to be a “must” for any bride, but today it’s a complete option. Let’s break down if you should wear them and if you do, some rules to follow to keep that “classy lady” status and not stun the grandmas in the room.

To wear or not wear a bridal glove on your wedding day

Fingerless bridal gloves by Etsy seller VANAGScreative

First, should you wear bridal gloves?

Bridal gloves came to be in our history when they represented a sign of status and power. Out of respect, they were worn at all traditional and religious ceremonies, particularly by royalty and dignitaries. As we entered the Renaissance era, gloves became more of a fashion-statement and women started showing personality with them. Different lengths were introduced as well as fabrics, embroidery and details.

In our modern-day world, gloves are still more of a reflection on personal style. They will add a level of formality to your event, so be sure to keep that in mind. The length of the glove will also factor in. The longer the glove, the higher the formality. However, not wearing gloves does not mean you are having a casual affair by any stretch.

Ok, what are my glove options?

Gloves can come in just about any style you can imagine. You want them to always enhance your outfit and not overpower. The fabric should match or compliment your dress as should the length. You can go with a more traditional glove or a finger-less option (seen above) that allows for some rule-breaking (more on that in a second).

Did you know… At one point, gloves were a very popular wedding favor gift.

So what are the rules if I do wear the gloves?

Believe it or not, there are rules when it comes to wearing gloves. Is your marriage doomed forever if you break them? Uhm, no. But you may have some grandma’s giving you the stink eye. So, here’s what you should know.

You should never eat or drink while wearing gloves. This includes the cake cutting. If you are wearing finger-less gloves, apparently this rule goes at the window as it’s then completely acceptable.

While at the ceremony, during the receiving line and the important dances (first dance, father/daughter dance, bridal dance) they should definitely be worn.

Once the formalities of the evening have ended, you are welcome to remove them.

If you are wearing traditional gloves for the ceremony, you may remove the glove on your left hand so the ring may be placed. OR you can place it over the glove (but me thinks then the ring won’t fit). If you remove the glove, it is recommended to do so when you hand off your bouquet to your maid or matron of honor and also to practice removing it since your hands may be sweaty. If you are wearing finger-less gloves, they can remain on.


So, are we good now? Does that make the decision any easier? Would you wear gloves?