When you’re searching for wedding votives to place on your tables and throughout your space, it can be tough to know which ones to go with. Over the years, I’ve seen and tried MANY, but these votives and votive holders are — BY FAR — the best I’ve found on Amazon.

What size wedding votives will I need?

When you’re searching for votives, you’ll want to look at their “burn time”. One thing to note: The “burn time” listed on a votive is NOT for a continuous burn (which is likely what you’ll be using them for at your wedding). The burn time is to show how long it can be burned with proper care and use.

That being said, at your wedding, you’re going to light them and likely forget about them. So you’ll need something that is listed to burn for a lot longer than the length of your reception. This is why these tea lights WILL NOT WORK for a 4-hour reception. They’ll burn out after 2-3 hours. Since many reception spaces or caterers will need to light your candles about 30-45 minutes before guests start arriving, this leaves you candle-less for about HALF of your reception. #nobueno

For most weddings, the best wedding votives to get are the ones with a 10-12 hour burn time. You’ll have a small amount of wax leftover at the end of the night, but you won’t run out of that candlelight glow.

Don’t forget something to put the wedding votives in!

When you’re buying your wedding votives, don’t forget that you’ll need to place the wax candle IN something. You can get creative with your vessel or just do a clear container (pictured below) but you WILL need something. Otherwise, you’ll have puddles of wax all over the place – not to mention ruined linens, centerpieces, tables, etc.

This is why I recommend these wedding votives and votive holders from Amazon to EVERY SINGLE CLIENT I have. They have a long enough burn time, come with a holder to place the votive in and look elegant. If you’re crafty, you can easily bedazzle the holder however you like to match your theme, but they function and look great as-is.


Set of 72 ten-hour Votive Candles & Clear Votive Holders
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