Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Wedding bathroom baskets, also called “hospitality baskets” can be a great addition to your wedding. A bathroom basket for wedding is filled with often-needed toiletries for guests to use while getting their celebration on at your wedding. With the many weddings we’ve attended, we’ve seen very minimal and very over-the-top approaches. We like to keep things fairly simple and have found a happy medium in creating the perfect bathroom basket for your wedding. The key really is not to over do it (or overthink it).

A complete list of items for your wedding bathroom basket. Bathroom basket for wedding.

Just because something isn’t listed above, doesn’t mean you “shouldn’t” include it. It just means that if you don’t, no one will come running up to you saying “Oh my gosh! How could not include a blow dryer in the bathroom baskets?!” in the middle of your wedding. Chances are, if it isn’t there, guests won’t even think about it.

Not Recommended: Things that just aren’t necessary or are rarely used

When you think about what to put in your bathroom basket for wedding, there are some things that just might not be necessary or used making them a waste of your wedding budget.

  • Hair brush (not many use a hair brush that’s been used by someone else)
  • Those mini toothbrushes (they’re expensive and you can only put it a small amount; save them for yourself)
  • Mouthwash bottles (Listerine is great, but only if you have little cups to accompany it – otherwise, ditch it)
  • Stick deodorant (always get spray)
  • Chapstick (not good for sharing)
  • Nail polish remover (also rarely touched)
  • Nail clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Socks (I always see this placed on the list for the gents, and I’m sorry but it’s just not necessary)
  • Panty hose (same as the socks)
  • Shoe polish
  • Q-tips

What To Put It All In

All of the items above can be purchased easily via Amazon (affiliate links). Other great shopping spots would be the Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. Also make sure to snag a nice basket to present these items and keep them contained.

Here are some great options for your wedding bathroom baskets, but make sure to get a good idea of how much space is actually in the bathroom(s) you’re placing this in.

Woven Strap Tote with Linen
Basket with White Liner
Vintiquewise(TM) Seagrass Shelf Basket Lined with White Lining

Wooden Storage Bin Container

If there isn’t a lot of space, keep it tiny. Guests will appreciate the thought, no matter what.

For our DPNAK clients: We come equipped with an emergency kit bag (a.k.a. The Oh Sh*t Kit) filled with just about everything above and way more (duct tape, fishing line, hot glue gun, etc.). What we bring is for you and your VIPs, but we do not display them. If you’d like us to put together baskets for you, we can also do that for a small fee. In a nutshell, we’ve got you.

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