Project Description

Amanda and Kevin, from the grande state of Texas, decided to have their wedding in good ‘ole NEPA to be closer to Kevin’s family. They chose to have a Zacharellis Garden wedding and really put every bit of their love into each decision they made.

From the bride:

“Wedding Planning is Stressful. Planning a Wedding from Texas, in PA… Times that stress level by about 100, which is how we found Danielle/DPNAK Weddings…

“It all began on a warm sunny day in Texas, when the panic set in… Found the first Wedding Coordinator I found in PA, and the rest is history:) From the moment Danielle and I started emailing; We knew we were in good hands! Kevin and I decided on Signature II Package and thank goodness for that:)

“Danielle is pretty much the Queen of Organization, actually I’m pretty sure she is the inventor. Every single detail of our wedding, Danielle knew about, and helped us stay on track. She was available any time we needed to talk to her, and answered emails almost immediately. She always gave us her honest opinion of ideas, or whatever we ran by her. She cared about our wedding just as much as we did, and made sure to do everything in her power to make sure it was perfect.

“When we look back at our wedding, which was only 5 days ago… I can’t believe how smoothly everything went! We actually were able to enjoy it! She kept everything rolling seamlessly. (Even when we got rained out of our outdoor ceremony last minute!!!) Words really can’t even begin to express how great her and her crew is, but just to try here we go: Amazing. Talented. Organized. Perfection.

“So Cheers To DPNAK, for helping keep our day perfect and everything we dreamed about! (And keeping us sane during this whole experience of a lifetime!)

“We love y’all :)

“P.S. You really do need a Super Hero Cape, just sayin’!”