Project Description

Mary and Ed did let their Stroudsburg backyard wedding get trampled by a little rain (ok, maybe a lot of rain). Guests rolled up their pants, kicked off their shoes and grande ole’ time dancing the night away and having a ball. Ed surprised his bride with some homemade (yikes) fireworks and it was one of my favorite moments of the night!

Married: June 2015

From the bride:

“Danielle was awesome. I did a DIY backyard country wedding and Danielle really kept me on schedule and even more impt. (something you don’t think about when you say you don’t need a wedding planner) . . . she contacted everyone and kept everyone updated in a timely manner. All those emails to vendors, and the wedding party! Absent-minded groomsmen, so many contracts and details for the day of! She really knew what to do. Additionally she handled the day-of chaos with grace and resourcefulness. It rained the whole day, the inside of the tent turned into a Woodstock concert but Danielle kept everything on schedule and the dance floor dry. She did well in a crisis situation. I would definitely recommend hiring her, ESP. if you are trying to “DIY” a lot of it as I did.”