Project Description

Liza and Andrew’s Pocono Lake Preserve wedding took place the last weekend of September 2018 with a day of cool, but beautiful weather. Over 200 guests were in attendance to celebrate with the happy couple and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a showering of love and support.

From the bride…

“I can not put into words how important Danielle was to our wedding process. Danielle also coordinated my sister’s wedding at the same location where we got married. She was so crucial that we literally picked our wedding date based on Danielle’s availability. Truly. I had the engagement ring on my finger for less than hour before my sister told me “I already emailed Danielle asking what her September looks like!” Danielle is just THAT important/amazing.

“The process leading up the wedding was great. Danielle was obviously very familiar with our wedding location and our family, so everything was effortless. I really appreciated that she understood that I didn’t want my wedding to feel like a “copy/paste” of my sister’s and she was really great about tossing around ideas to keep things unique and special to my husband and me. Danielle is quick to respond to emails and always is quick to communicate if she has something where she will be slow to respond (i.e.: another wedding lol). Our final detail meeting was when things really started to come together. She was so prepared and easily navigated the family relationships/logistics.

“A couple of things about Danielle the day of the wedding: 1. She is a total boss! She is all about GSD (getting shit done) and not letting you know of anything going wrong. If something went wrong that day, I had no clue and it was not my problem to worry about it. 2. At the rehearsal, she commands the room and makes sure every minute of the rehearsal is productive. Let’s be honest – wrangling those boys to pay attention is a job in and of itself! 3. There is no one like Danielle when it comes to efficiency. One example (of many): Family photo time can be a mess – no one is paying attention, your Dad is wandering around doing who knows what. Well, not with Danielle. Once you provide the list of photos you want she puts them in this super nifty list and makes it so efficient and easy and is there manning the whole thing. “Okay, sister out, brother in” etc. I mean it is silly efficient. 4. She keeps you on track / accountable – At our final detail meeting I told her I wanted full family photos and she said at the final detail meeting “now day of when you’re going to just want to go to the cocktail hour, do you need me to remind you that you want these?” And sure enough, the day of I was like “let’s skip it!” And she had to be like “Liza, we agreed these are important!” And thank goodness she did. 5. She lets you enjoy your day! I had utter faith the entire day that no matter the problem, Danielle had it under control. I did not fret once about anything and that alone is worth every penny. I was able to spend the entire day relaxed and happy because I knew she had my back. 6. She is so calm, cool, collected (and it rubs off on you!) 10 minutes before I walked down the aisle my dress broke. Like the whole hook and eye fell off, broke. Yeesh. I was trying to not freak out and Danielle kept me calm. Then after the ceremony, we snuck away and she sewed me into my dress. I don’t think I would have kept so calm if it weren’t for her. Her being so calm, helped me feel calm. Thank you, Danielle!

“Go do yourself a favor and book Danielle! Don’t just take my advice – read all these reviews!! She is amazing and we can all attest to it. Our wedding days were all infinitely better because of her and her team. Let her do that for you too!”