Project Description

Just a few short weekends ago, we had the pleasure of spending a BEAUTIFUL weekend in June out in the Poconos celebrating Kate and Thomas’ Pocono Lake Preserve wedding. Their love story is one for the ages (even the New York Times decided to write about them, which is CRAZY awesome!!!) but what’s completely incredible to us is the kind words they left for us just a few days after returning from their honeymoon in Norway.

From the bride…

Hiring Danielle and her team (and hiring her early on in the planning process) was *hands down* the best decision we made in the wedding planning process. We got the “signature coordination” package, which meant that Danielle provided guidance, vendor recommendations, checklists, and basically anything under the sun we asked her throughout the planning process (we hired her almost a year out). She is organized, phenomenal to work with, and our wedding went off pretty much perfectly– at least, as far as we are aware. She and her team were behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect: fixing broken photo booth printers, pinning up my broken bustle, and probably tons of other things I don’t even know about. Danielle knew every little detail about how the wedding was supposed to go and made sure it happened. She is fun, upbeat, the most organized and detail-oriented person ever, and an absolute pleasure to talk to and work with. All of the vendors she recommended were wonderful as well, and some of them even gave us a discount as her client. She helped keep the vendors on top of things (some of the ones we had hired that were not on her recommended list were a bit slow sometimes to get moving and she was super helpful poking them and keeping them on task). Also, all the vendors got excited to work with us when they found out she was our coordinator and gushed about how awesome she is (which we absolutely agree with).

“Danielle also kept me organized with her monthly to-do lists, which were super detailed and helpful, which helped keep the stress lower during the weeks right before the wedding because we had gotten so much done ahead of time before things got hectic—thanks to her guidance. Basically, I cannot recommend her and her team enough. Also, I wish I lived closer to her so we could hang out now that the wedding is over.”