Project Description

Married: June 2016

Jess and Tim’s La Peg Wedding in Philadelphia was nothing short of spectacular. The day started getting ready at Hotel Monaco followed by a ceremony at St. Augustine’s. We spent the rest of the night at La Peg at Fringe Arts celebrating over great food, good dancing and beautiful scenery. I’m beyond honored to have been part of this day.

From the bride:

“Danielle was an absolute game changer for us. The decision to hire her was the best planning decision I made. In the months leading up to the wedding, Danielle kept me on task and was always there for me to run a recommendation by or help with selecting/managing vendors. All of the vendors that had worked with Danielle before were very happy to be working with her again which made me feel like the wedding was in good hands. Working with Danielle was easy and fun. I appreciated her being open to my working style involving hashtags, emojis and applicable .gifs. Danielle’s extensive experience helped me to bring out the absolute best in the vision that I had for my unique and personalized wedding day. i.e. She knew where the pit falls were and how to make my creative ideas work and work well.

“The weekend of the wedding I felt no stress at all. Danielle was there to execute all of the small details that I had thought up for months. I was just along for the ride. She worked so well with the guests and the other vendors. After the rehearsal she gave the whole wedding party adorable pocket timelines so they knew where to be and when the next day. The morning of the wedding, Danielle coordinated the setup of the venue – which involved 15+ different vendors, friends and family involved in putting together the reception. At one point, I saw Danielle on the phone with the trolley company coordinating some last minute changes that were needed due to unforeseen circumstances. Danielle handled it beautifully so that no one was inconvenienced or waiting around. I kept thinking to myself – thank goodness they are not calling me or my family right now. Danielle was the master of the schedule and everyone knew to go to her with questions or information. For Tim and I, our wedding was the best day of our lives because we were able to spend every second of it celebrating with the people we love.”