Project Description

Rachel and Dan’s Huntington Valley Country Club wedding was on a beautiful day in June 2014. Dan is a wedding photographer who is truly one-of-a-kind and we were beyond honored to help coordinate the details of their wedding.

Married: June 2014

From the groom:

“I am in a unique position to review Danielle because I have worked with her both professionally (as a photographer) and personally when she coordinated my wedding.

“Our wedding was focused on our guests ability to have a fun, care free day and enjoy themselves. All we wanted our guests to know was when to get on the shuttle. But when we starting looking at all the jobs we would have to assign to people, we realized it couldn’t happen by ourselves. Who would make sure the cards and gifts were safe back at our hotel? Who would pack up the candles, sign-in book and cake cutting set and all the minutiae of the day. And the prep work like keep us on track with monthly to-do’s or contacting all our vendors weeks prior and make a master timeline so everyone was on the same page? Who would ensure that my wife and I, and all of our guests were without a care in the world?

“Or if something goes wrong, like a button popping off my suit jacket, which Danielle sewed on just in time for our first dance.

“In the beginning, I told my wife, “Every wedding I work with her goes so smooth. I wish every wedding I photographed had her coordinating it! Let’s at least Skype with her and see what she’s all about.” From that meeting on, before we knew how hard she would really work for us (and all her couples), my wife and I had the utmost confidence and peace of mind knowing Danielle was at the helm of our wedding. When our wedding day came, Danielle knew our vision for our wedding better than we did!

“Sure, there are other coordinators, but no one will be as invested, organized, emotional, prepared, punctual, or have as much joy, spunk, zest for life, or be as excited for your wedding than Danielle. If you are reading this review and on the fence about hiring her, do it. It will be the best investment for your wedding! And if you can’t take my word for it, please, do yourself a favor and get a hold of her so you can see for yourself why you absolutely need her for your wedding!”