Project Description

Married: May 2016

Jaime and Jon came to me with less than two months to go before their Friedman Farms wedding. Between life and work, they were both swamped and needed some major help to tie together all the last-minute details of their wedding. I am SO beyond grateful that Jaime and Jon trusted me – WHOLE-heartedly – with just about every aspect of their day. They even let me dabble a bit in the world of design, which isn’t something I’m often able to do.

With their guest list size and pending rain storm, we knew we needed to have a solid rain plan for their outdoor ceremony. The typical “rain plan” at Friedman Farms is to get married in their upstairs loft area. While the couple didn’t necessarily like that area, they also had quite a few guests who wouldn’t be able able to make the stair climb to get up there. So, I constructed a plan for them to get married on the dance floor and do a total room transformation during dinner.

I have to say, this room flip would not have been possible without my great team working non-stop through Cocktail Hour while I helped the photographer, Justin Muir, tackle family photos.

All-in-all, rain or sunshine, this was SUCH a great day and I loved being part of  Jaime and Jon’s day.

Jon’s Review:

“Danielle is a lifesaver and an efficient, excellent wedding planner. We had our wedding ceremony and reception at Friedman Farms in Dallas, PA, and she immediately gained our absolute faith with her super prompt communication and familiarity with the venue. She gave lots of feedback and helped us brainstorm decorations. Over the last 3 weeks before we were married, the home stretch, she kept us on task and she helped us wrap up details that were still needing attention. On the day of, she was the perfect leader (calling her a day-of planner isn’t giving her enough credit), keeping everyone on time with little timeline cards she got for the wedding party and officiant and more importantly, she took all the heavy lifting from the bride and I. Danielle is absolutely amazing, and to be honest, the bride and I both feel like she should charge more for the amount of planning and advice she gave. Seriously, you can’t do better than DPNAK – simply wonderful!”