Project Description

Carly and Dave’s Fiddle Lake Farm wedding took place in May 2013 and was the very first wedding to be held at Fiddle Lake Farm. We were honored to join the crew of wedding vendors and helped put together such a heartfelt and beautiful wedding.

Married: May 2013

From the bride:

Somewhere just around a year and half ago, as we were working on planning out our wedding dream come true, we decided we needed help. 

“We were kinda dying from DYIing and in the form of DPNAK, help arrived! 

“From day one, we were made to feel welcomed and in organized hands; thanks to Danielle’s organizational prowess and the tools she offered, we felt as though we we’re finally able to get a good grip on things and focus in a more organized fashion. 

“We would call and email Danielle, sometimes multiple times a day, asking her a plethora of questions, and sharing our confusions and concerns with how things should or might go for the big day. Each time we got to talk with Danielle, via a couple face to face via Skype calls, and also through emails and texts, we had another grateful exhale and felt better for it. From “..what color suit would go good with that…” to, “…how should we work that into the schedule…”; good answers came back to us. 

“Sometimes, it was as simple as just hearing good reason and common sense, while at other times, it was needing an experienced and professional opinion on how or why something should be (or which one of us was right :). We trusted Danielle/DPNAK, and in return that trust offered us some stress release, and some great support that helped transform our day into the wonderful, forever memorable experience that it was. 

“Danielle is a lively, caring, considerate individual; professional, organized, full of energy and straight forward, much of what anyone would ask for and want in a wedding coordinator. Her team as a whole was friendly, thoughtful and fun to work with; often we would forget they were even there, as they did such a nice job of guiding the day while keeping out of the limelight. 

“Danielle/DPNAK Weddings is a great find for anyone who’s feeling the stressors and feeling like they’re needing help putting the many pieces of their big day together!”