One of my favorite ways to share the knowledge I’ve gained as a wedding planner with as many couples as possible is through co-hosting the Put A Ring On It Podcast – it’s a great listen for anyone planning a wedding that wants insider knowledge and straightforward, sensible wedding advice. 

My co-host, photographer Dan Moyer, and I share stories, interviews, and practical tips on the anti-boring wedding planning podcast that was created to help couples navigate the modern world of weddings by knowing what rules are okay to break, and why certain traditions have stood the test of time.

We are so excited that Season 9 is set to launch April 6, 2021. If you’re ready to just dive in to the podcast, there are currently over 90 episodes for you to listen to anytime you like. 


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BRIDES calls Put A Ring on It “One of the Best”

Last month, BRIDES included Put A Ring on It as one of the 11 Best Wedding Podcasts to Listen to Now. We started our podcast back in 2016 when there were only a very small handful of wedding podcasts sharing the airwaves. But today, there are HUNDREDS of options out there so we’re truly honored to be listed and recognized by a national resource like BRIDES.

And we’re in some fabulous company alongside ten others that you should definitely consider checking out!

Speaking of podcasts… my co-host buddy, Dan, and I also had the pleasure of being guests on two other podcasts recently – The Union Podcast and A Wedding Podcast with Katie and Steffen.


The Union Podcast

The Union Podcast is hosted by two hosted Southern California wedding planners – Jamie Wolfer of JW Coordination and Heather Loree Fier of The Wedding Hacker – and shares a behind-the-scenes view for engaged couples as they chat through important issues for the wedding community. Their podcast is for both couples AND wedding professionals, so it’s a great listen for anyone currently living in the wedding world.

With Jamie and Heather, Dan and I discussed what’s next in the wedding world, and how 2020 has completely changed the wedding industry. Weddings in 2020 really allowed couples to focus on their priorities. We had a great conversation about giving yourself permission to not live up to societal expectations, and just focus on the joy of your wedding. Make like Elsa about the rest of it and “Let it go.”

When talking about the challenges that so many couples trying to get married in 2020 were facing, I said…

“Couples had to stop thinking about the party and make it about their intention and priority.” — Danielle

I know that the pandemic has felt like an endless battle of obstacles, one more heartbreaking than the next. But, I’m grateful that couples were able to extract this silver-lining opportunity from all of it.



A Wedding Podcast with Katie and Steffen

And speaking about priorities.. Dan and I were also on A Wedding Podcast with Katie and Steffen. In their episode, we chatted about wedding planning priorities and intentions. Katie and Steffen are also a photographer and planner duo, just like us! And their podcast is fun and informative on all things wedding. 

With Katie and Steffen, we talked about how much noise and pressure there can be when planning a wedding – from the (sometimes evil) power of Pinterest to the opinions of some of your favorite people. It’s a lot and sometimes can feel very confusing and overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what to do? How do you handle the pressure? We discussed how to move beyond the overwhelm to make your wedding your own – including saying “no” to pressure from family members or overbearing guests. 



Whether you’re planning a wedding, or working with weddings, all of these conversations were so fun and valuable. My biggest takeaway from talking with Jamie and Heather, and with Katie and Steffen, is that weddings are very much about your intentions and priorities. I’m here to make those intentions and priorities show throughout your wedding day, and make everything feel good – for you AND for your guests..


Where to Listen

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While waiting for Put A Ring On It Podcast to return with Season 9 on on April 6, 2021 (and boy are we coming back with some MAJOR episodes), you can check out the over 90 episodes waiting for you now. Over the past eight seasons, we’ve covered everything from finding your venue to avoiding post-wedding blues.

You can also check out our guest appearances on The Union Podcast and A Wedding Podcast with Katie and Steffen

These podcasts are all available on  iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.