Pocket Timelines

A simple, easy-to-use template to create your own miniature, pocket-sized version of a wedding day timeline.
Perfect for wedding party, parents and any other VIPs you want to keep “in the loop”.

What is a Pocket Timeline?

A Pocket Timeline is a miniature, pocket-sized version of a wedding day timeline designed to be customized and given to the key individuals on a wedding day. As a wedding planner, I created and make these Pocket Timelines for my couple and their VIPs and distribute them the day before the wedding, typically at the ceremony rehearsal.

Ideally, these Pocket Timelines help to:

  • Keep everyone “in the loop” on the most important details of the wedding day
  • Share key information like transportation timing, getting ready details, order of toasts, flow of the reception, and more
  • Answer many of the questions that come up on the wedding day
  • Give a point of contact in case anyone has any questions or emergencies

To purchase and use this Pocket Timeline template:

Click the button below to purchase a Google Docs template of the Pocket Timeline for $15.

Immediately after purchasing, you will be directed to a link to create your own copy of the Pocket Timelines. Click the blue “Make a Copy” button to add this template to your Google Drive (you’ll likely need to be logged into your Gmail/Google account first).

This copy will be able to be edited by you, but I recommend making a copy to save an original in your files.


If you have any questions or troubles with purchasing or editing this document, please email me at [email protected].