Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by With Love and Embers at Loriann and John’s Scranton Wedding

As you approach your wedding day, I bet that you’re putting a LOT of planning efforts into the details of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. From place cards to favors, ceremony programs to flowers, you’ve got it covered, right?

But what about the part of the day BEFORE all of that?

Getting ready on your wedding day is going to be one of the craziest times of your life. And I want to share some tips with you to start your day off right. Most of these tips are for the gals that will be busy getting hair and makeup done, but there’s also some tips in here for the dudes that (trust me) you do NOT want to forget.

01. Food

I can’t tell you how many times I ask my couples (well before the wedding day) “What are you going to eat that day?” and they reply with “Oh…. right, forgot about that!”. It’s such an easy thing to forget because it’s something that fits so naturally into our everyday routine. But on your wedding day, your routine is going to be off – way off – and unless you plan for food in advance, I can guarantee you the day will fly by and you’ll suddenly be feeling super light-headed right around 3pm when you realize you haven’t eaten anything yet and the only thing you drank was that mimosa in the limo.

I usually recommend a platter of bagels, hoagies, fruits, pastries, etc. Foods that are easy to grab and eat without much need for utensils or plates. Keep it simple, keep it picky and you’ll keep everyone very happy.

If you don’t have a way for food to be delivered to you, I’ve found that this task is a great one for Dads who want to stay busy in the morning.

Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by Michael Pangilinan Photography of Susan and Sam’s Fiddle Lake Farm Wedding

02. Plan for some tunes.

Nothing is better for setting the tone of the day than a great playlist playing as you’re getting ready on your wedding day. Whether you want to jam out to your favorite Pandora or Spotify station or assign one of your pals to create something special for you, plan for something. Maybe you have a mixtape of you and your partner’s go-to songs, or maybe you just want to have an epic dance party in your pajamas. Either way, TUNES people.

Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by Danielle Coons Photography from Katelyn and Lee’s Scranton Wedding, getting ready at LAVISH

03. Think about what you’re wearing BEFORE getting dressed.

Chances are you know what you’re wearing on your wedding day, but do you know what you’re wearing BEFORE you wear that? When you’re getting your hair and makeup done, you’re not going to be in your dress. So what should you wear?

Well, first, wear something that you can easily take on and off WITHOUT going over your head. Robes and button-down shirts work REALLY well for this.

Second, take off your regular bra. After a long day, did you ever remove that sucker and see the lines on your skin? Yep. When you’re getting into your dress, if you’ve just taken off your regular bra, you’re going to have those same marks that don’t go away all that quickly. Remove that sucker early and let your skin breathe. This will give you smooth and flawless skin as you get dressed.

04. Pick a spot with natural lighting.

Any photographer, hair stylist or makeup artist worth their weight can do incredible things, even in a dark closet. But if you want to give yourself the best opportunity for amazing hair, makeup and photos, give your pros an area to work that has tons of natural lighting. While hotel rooms are often great, make sure your room has plenty of windows and sunny decor. If you’re getting ready some place else, think about windows. Can you open curtains or blinds to allow more sunshine to flood in?

Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by Pat Robinson Photography of Anjali and Christophe’s Philadelphia Wedding

05. Chairs, Tables and Mirrors – Oh My!

Depending on where you’re getting ready, it’s important to remember that your hair and makeup team may need to re-create a “salon” atmosphere in order to do their thing.

First, chairs. Make sure you have plenty of chairs – low-back chairs or bar stools will earn you MAJOR brownie points with your stylists – for everyone to get ready as the schedule dictates. For example, if you have 2-3 girls getting something done at a time, then you’ll need at least 2-3 chairs/stools.

Next, tables. Between tools, bobby pins, equipment, makeup, etc. they’re going to need a place to organize it all to keep the process moving along smoothly. Make sure there’s a nice working surface just for your hair and makeup team and be aware of the nearest power outlet. And I don’t recommend making it the same table that your food will be out on… otherwise, hairspray + bagels. Ick.

Finally, mirrors. Full-length mirrors are the absolute best and many hotels have these if you call the Front Desk or ask them in advance. These are key in getting ready on your wedding day and will help with the natural lighting in the room since they reflect light! ;)

Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by We Laugh We Love at Jaime and Jon’s Friedman Farms Wedding

06. Gather Your Details

The last tip is one that will gain you some points with your photography and videography teams. Wherever you’re getting ready on your wedding day, make sure to have all of your important details gathered in one spot for them to stage and capture upon their arrival. Things like your dress, veil, garter, jewelry, rings, accessories, hair pieces are all key things that your team will likely want to document. I also love having your perfume, invitations, bouquet and any other personal items ready to be documented. It adds a great touch and makes for great memories as you look back at your photos from your wedding day.

Tips for Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day from DPNAK Weddings

photo by Danielle Coons Photography from Megan and Luke’s Friedman Farms Wedding

I’m sure there’s many more things I could add to this list but I want to know from you –> what are you planning to make your day awesome?!