What started as an empty barn…


…slowly became what would be one of my favorite weddings of 2014.


photo by Hoffer Photography

And I am so happy that we captured some behind-the-scenes shots of it all getting set up.

Our day started bright and early with a text from the bride, Jess, about a mix-up with one of the desserts. A quick trip to a local gluten-free bakery, Made with Love Not Gluten, solved that problem and we hit the venue, Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown, PA around 8am.

We arrived to a quiet farm with an empty barn.



A little after 8am, Missy and Neil arrived with 16 of their Barnes Handcrafted Farmhouse Tables. We helped them unload and arrange, then we started placing chairs while they took care of leveling out the tables and polishing up any blemishes. (whoa)


After that, the groom and his “troops” arrived with a BOAT LOAD of stuff including three of the most AMAZING farm tables I’ve ever seen. They weigh enough that it took six burly men to move them and were put together using NO hardware. All wood baby!



After that, we started adding details. Burlap runners, flowers, mason jars, oil lamps, food scales, vintage china, mismatched chairs… you name it.





One of the coolest photobooth signs we’ve ever seen… that the groom made (of course). We literally sewed this thing to the bannister with fishing line and clear duct tape (two of my favorite things).




So guests knew where to sit, the groom built these HUGE wooden animals on bases that were a major hit. To help with traffic flow, we placed two people at the door to head guests in the right direction of their table (since there weren’t numbers) but everyone LOVED them!




Once 4pm came along… we were ready to rock and roll. The ceremony took place in the Apple Orchard followed by food, drinks and games in the field. For a great recap of the day, check out the trailer from Kevin Fonash Studios:

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Jessie & Jody | 7.19.14 | Trailer from Kevin Fonash Studios on Vimeo.

And of course, the blog post by their photographers of Hoffer Photography.

All in all, Jess and Jody’s Ironstone Ranch Wedding was one for the ages. One of the highlights of my career was when Jess walked into the space for the first time and screamed “THIS IS F%^#ING AWESOME!!” and immediately started crying. I honestly couldn’t think of a more perfect reaction and I love her for giving me that.

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