With the start of each new wedding season, it’s easy to see what trends will be more popular in our Eastern Pennsylvania area. This year is definitely the year of the “Sweetheart Cake”. A sweetheart cake is more of a “catchy” term, but it’s basically a smaller cake that is just shared between the couple. Often, it’s used for the cake cutting ceremony and then other desserts or treats are served to the guests.

Sweetheart Cake Trend

Photos from Pinterest: left, middle, right

First of all, we have to give a disclaimer and say that you absolutely do not have to have a wedding cake. You can do anything you like that works for you and best shows your style and personality to your guests. If you hate cake, why have it?

Now, some couples don’t want to serve cake, but do want to have the ceremonial cutting of the cake. (You know, when the couple cuts the cake, everyone gathers around, you feed each other, people take pictures and sometimes couple smash it in their face? That’s the cake cutting ceremony. For the record, we don’t like it when couples get messy because we know how long hair and makeup takes.)

If you want to still cut a cake, but have other desserts, a sweetheart cake – or smaller, personal-sized cake – is a great money-saving option in lieu of doing a large cake.

From there, you can serve guests other desserts like cookies, brownies, an ice cream bar (one of our June couples is doing this: can’t wait!), mini desserts, etc. We like the dessert-factor – although it certainly isn’t mandatory – because it’s a nice ending to any meal and most guests will be looking for it.

Are you having a full wedding cake or opting for a smaller version to share just with your sweetheart?