Project Description

Mindy and Mark’s Terrain at Styer’s Wedding was held in June 2012. DPNAK Weddings offered consulting and day-of coordination services.

Married: June 2011

From the bride:

“We hired Danielle to be our Day Of Coordinator at our wedding this June. It was a decision we got way more out of than we had realized. We did most of the details of our do-it-yourself wedding and labored over most of our decisions carefully, but realized it would be important to have someone ensuring everything went smoothly the actual day of, even though we didn’t want full fledged planning. Danielle definitely was one of the MOST amazing wedding vendors we could have gotten. From the moment she signed on, she was perfect. She checked in with us routinely but knowing that we had a lot of details we were doing ourselves, she never intruded or was aggressive about her opinions but offered advice when we would ask for it (often at midnight or 2 in the morning, wholesale flowers was a common topic…). She was impeccably professional, so responsive (she may or may not take her Ipad to the bath with her ;) )—literally answering emails with lightening fast timing. She made the trek down to south of Philadelphia where we were having our wedding, went through an entire meeting at our venue, and made sure she was on the same page as we were. She also spent hours of time coordinating with our different vendors to make sure we were in good hands—this was incredibly important as we definitely did not have time to do so and she would consistently check in with checklists/emails to all collaborators. She molded the vendors we had carefully chosen separately into an actually remarkably cohesive team of vendors working for our wedding with our goals in mind instead of just letting the vendors show up on our wedding day and “seeing what would happen.” The actual rehearsal (the night before) and the day-of our wedding was amazing. She walked us through the whole rehearsal, helping us with parts of the wedding that we just couldn’t have known how to really do ourselves (where to be standing, ordering of the procession, cues, etc.). This was really important especially since we wrote the ceremony ourselves but obviously had no experience running an actual wedding.

“The day of—what could be said of her role in this—she was absolutely phenomenal. There are so many things at weddings that just are not in your hands. She was everywhere at once but was unseen—that is EXACTLY what I think you want your wedding coordinator to do. She put out multiple little fires without getting the bride involved, was carefully coordinating timing throughout the day, and being the mother hen by making us get to where we should be on time. From start to finish of the actual wedding, she was on point. She made sure we cut the cake at the right time, had family lined up for the appropriate dances, etc. She also made sure we had everything packed up and taken back to the hotel appropriately.

“Finally, just a note about her—her personality is so vivacious and friendly—she is very easy to work with and it should speak volumes that when we were searching for someone, her name was given to us BY another wedding planner who was using her as the day-of! That sums it up!”