Project Description

Loriann and John’s Scranton Cultural Center Wedding consisted of them tying the knot in front of about 300 guests. Everything about this wedding just screamed “GORGEOUS”, especially the amazing bride.

Married: June 2014

From the bride:

“There’s not enough room to say everything I need to say… I had to re-write and make it shorter because I could literally go on for days about how excellent Danielle is.

“Danielle… truly my LIFESAVER. I really don’t know how anything could have gotten done without her. Not only because she is an excellent coordinator (which goes without saying) but she is an honest, down to earth, comforting person that felt like more of a friend than coordinator! She is there for every possible thing you could imagine and even the things you would never imagine. Coming from the type of bride who’s motto was “ehh… whatever. that’s fine.” planning got pushed to the side way too frequently. Being engaged for over two years, Danielle kept me on track the entire time. Throughout those two years, we had frequent emails and check-in’s to stay on the same page with planning. Thank god I had her there to remind me of every little detail that I would have never thought of along the way. Her advice about vendors and packages and everything in general was the biggest help in the whole planning process – this girl knows the wedding scene INSIDE and OUT! Any time you reach out to Danielle, she responded in what seemed like an impossibly quick time (sometimes wondering if my email even sent yet?! – amazing!) She was a great guide to help us decide what was best for us and our venue.

“Bottom line – I can’t say enough how helpful and genuinely sweet Danielle is. She made our wedding day perfect. We had no worries and if there were anything wrong, we would have never even known about it because she took care of it in a heartbeat. My entire family is extremely thankful for Danielle because not one person had anything else on their mind but celebrating the love for my husband and I. We enjoyed the entire night thanks to Danielle. I cannot speak highly enough of her. I seriously LOVE her.”