Project Description

Liz and Tony’s Scranton Cultural Center wedding was our favorite New Years Eve ever. Covered in sparkle, Liz stayed bundled in a beautiful fur coat, Tony was a dapper gent and the entire wedding had vintage clocks everywhere!

Married: December 2014

From the bride:

“Danielle and her team were 100000% incredible. When I started wedding planning I was incredibly overwhelmed and after my first meeting with Danielle I felt a million times better. It as such a weight off my shoulders knowing I would have someone to keep me and everyone else in the wedding on track. Danielle went above and beyond more times than I can count to make sure everything ran smoothly for my wedding. Everyone seems to have a wedding day horror store, and when people ask me for mine I always tell them, “well I really don’t have one.” I am able to give that answer because of Danielle and the DPNAK team. From insisting that my officiant run through the rehearsal one more time, to making sure I had water during the dollar dance, Danielle was there every step of the way.

“She is so so so prompt in answering her emails, and so on top of everything. She kept track of things I didn’t even know needed to be kept track of. My fiance was gone through much of the early wedding planning, and it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of while he was out of touch. Danielle was incredibly flexible, even willing to do a google hangouts chat after we moved away from Northeastern PA. I would recommend her to anyone, she and her team were incredible!”