Project Description

Megan and Jeff’s Reading Art Works Wedding was held in May 2012. The bride now makes wedding day and event decor and you can easily see why.

Married: May 2012

From the bride:

“When I started planning my wedding, the last thing I thought I needed was a wedding coordinator and even when I hired Danielle it was because I was looking for someone to help set up decorations the day of that understood the overall look I was going for and who I could trust. I also appreciated how quickly she responded to my initial email.

“Turns out Danielle ended up helping us way more than we originally bargained for. My husband and I both agree hiring her was the best decision we made during the wedding planning process, and don’t know what we would’ve done without her. Even my parents were extremely impressed with her and grateful for her presence during the wedding.

“As her website says, she provides unlimited consultation before the wedding and she means it! Any call, text or email I would send would be returned within minutes and she always knew the right thing to say – she was your friend when you needed one but was still super buttoned-up and professional. She would put up with me venting to her on the phone at 8pm about DIY decor disasters and help come up with actual workable and creative solutions – in fact some of the best decorations at the wedding came from these late-night venting sessions! Danielle also drove 2+ hours to help set up decorations the day before the wedding and thank goodness she was there because she helped put out a huge fire drill when the wrong chairs showed up!!

“I could go on and on with examples of how amazing Danielle is but the bottom line is she is a rare talent in this industry and any couple would be lucky to have her as a coordinator. Her level of professionalism, client service skills, responsiveness, and creativity are not just impressive for someone her age but for anybody at any age. I cannot recommend her enough and feel honored to have had the chance to work with her!”