Project Description

Stephanie and Paul’s Malibu Dude Ranch wedding was such a wonderful day. Steph and Paul were shining examples of showcasing their spirits and personalities with little touches throughout their day. Since they met while country line dancing, it seemed only fitting to have their wedding at a dude ranch, complete with a FULL saloon of line dancing!

From the bride:

“When you meet Danielle, you learn pretty quickly that she’s an avid Harry Potter fan. Then you learn that this isn’t surprising because she’s nothing short of magical!

“I had a wedding two hours away in another state at a venue that doesn’t normally do weddings. Danielle made all of that a piece of cake! She kept me on track and sane as different things popped up like the venue changing management two weeks before the wedding!

“We had planned a beautiful outdoor lakeside ceremony at the end of October, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Four hours before the ceremony was supposed to start, I had to make the call to bring it inside. I also had to put it entirely in Danielle’s hands since I was having my pictures done. She devised a “Plan B” on the fly that was even more intimate and perfect than my original plan!

“She took the time to get to know me and understand exactly what I wanted, and I was entirely comfortable leaving it up to her and just showing up to get married :-)

“One of the things that stood out to me the most, was the way my vendors spoke of her. I was a little far from her “home base” so many of her suggested vendors didn’t work for me. When she found out about that and saw I was having a hard time, she networked and got me some names and recommendations. She had never worked with any of them before. After speaking with them, every one of them contacted me to tell me how great she was! They loved her timelines and ideas and especially her organization. To hear that from people in her business made me sure that I made the right choice.

“I cannot recommend her enough!!!”