Project Description

Alyssa and Ryan’s Iacocca Hall wedding took place immediately following their wedding ceremony at Packer Chapel in mid-September 2018.

From the bride:

“Wow. There aren’t enough words to describe how key Danielle was to our wedding. In the months leaving up to the big day, Danielle was an amazing sounding board for questions, ideas, 1am worries that I wrote in novel form from Gmail (oy…) and everything else you could imagine. First and foremost… her response time. It’s like she’s a wizard. My novel-esque gmails were answered in less than an hour 99% of time (I say 99% because the remaining 1% was from when I sent an email at like,2am and she responded first thing in the morning, before the sun was even up… still insanely impressive). Our final detail meeting a few weeks before the wedding left me feeling confident and ready for the big day, and if anything went wrong that day, I wither didn’t know about it or knew Danielle and her team had it under control (and of course, they did). All of our guests continue to comment on how smooth everything went, and my bridesmaids were so impressed with her toolbox of planning skills. oh! And the pocket schedules… so so so amazing and helpful. Everyone knew where they had to be and what was going on at what time. it was such a lifesaver. Danielle was such a lifesaver. She was easily one of the best investments we made for our wedding and if you’re on the fence… just call her, get her on your team, and you don’t have to worry anymore. Seriously. She’s got it under control, all of it. There is nothing she can’t handle! Thank you so much, Danielle! We loved working with you so much!”