Project Description

Lauren and Sean’s Gramercy Park Hotel wedding was one of the most intimate weddings we’ve ever been a part of. Loads and loads of gorgeous candlelight surrounded the couple and their 30 guests on the rooftop of the unique, stunning and quirky Gramercy Park Hotel.

From the bride…

“Seriously, just hire Danielle!

“I honestly can’t even begin to explain how amazing Danielle was to work with. I originally never thought I would want a wedding coordinator, and thought I could do everything myself since I’m pretty organized and manage projects at work. After thinking about it more I realized I didn’t want to do everything myself. Enter Danielle. As soon as I hired her I knew everything would be smooth and done right. The value of that alone was worth every penny. Then as we got closer to the wedding and she took care of all the communications with my vendors, the timeline and basically every other teeny tiny detail I never would have thought of on my own, she was worth every penny even MORE. Even before my wedding I would practically shout from the rooftops how much I loved my coordinator and how her help before the actual wedding day was the best money I spent.

“Flash forward to the wedding day. Not only did she show up early (because she thinks of everything and wanted to avoid any potential traffic), but she was friendly, funny, and just an awesome person to be around. Her assistant was equally great! Weddings cost a lot of money so of course you don’t want anything to go wrong, but with Danielle there was zero stress or thought about that possibility. I KNEW she would nail it and take care of everything, because she’s magic. She was there at every step of the day, and I know that things would not have been as smooth and perfect if she hadn’t been there. My family and friends also loved her and were incredibly impressed. She’s truly the most organized person I have ever met (on top of just being an awesome human being), and I honestly don’t think I could have hired anyone better to help us on our wedding day!

So go now, and hire her! I promise you will not regret it!”