Project Description

Megan and Luke’s Friedman Farms Wedding will always hold a special place in my heart. They were a couple that became INSTANT friends and were an absolute DREAM to work with during their engagement.

Married: October 2015

From the couple:

“Selecting DPNAK to plan their wedding is, in my experienced opinion, the best choice a couple can make to ensure their event’s success. Months in advance we were set as ease knowing that all of our vendors came from DPNAK’s “recommended” list. We were confident our florist, DJ, caterer, etc. would fulfill their end of the contract in order to receive the coveted DPNAK blessing. Danielle personally goes far beyond any expectations the day of the wedding, managing the timeline, guests, wedding party, transportation, and vendors with superhuman efficiency. Danielle has the ability to move mountains with a feather’s touch, and handles all the aspects the day of the event with that poise. She asks questions we did not think to consider, provides back-ups plan when the inevitable bad weather occurs, and hires an invisible but super effective team to help with all wedding day aspects. Her planning and triple-checking leading up to the wedding makes her invaluable, while her stewardship of the rehearsal process helps everyone to understand their role without stepping on anyone’s toes or egos. Danielle’s experience, positive energy, and knowledge not only guaranteed our wedding’s success, but did so with the very little personal stress on our part. Danielle was also very personal, approachable, and available during our year long engagement. We did not hesitate to ask her any questions, regardless of their minuteness or ill-timeliness, as that was the tone she set. She always responded promptly, and in such a way to soothe potential concerns. She maintained that helpful but driven, knowledgeable yet fun-loving demeanor throughout the 14 months we worked with her and particularly during wedding week. It was clear to both of us that the DPNAK team wanted nothing more than our wedding to be the day we dreamed it could be. Hiring her was the smartest move I made since popping the question, and I plan to share that with anyone planning a wedding!”