Project Description

Samantha and Chuck’s Bethlehem Ice House wedding was full of love, personal touches, and some insanely amazing music choices (think just the right amount of Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and *NSYNC). While every wedding I do is special in it’s own unique way, this wedding holds a special place in my heart as Samantha is a member of the DPNAK team. It was incredible seeing her on the other side of things and was nothing short of a freaking STUNNING bride. #AmIRight

From the bride:

“Holy moly.

“Drop everything and hire DPNAK to coordinate your wedding (if you can). There aren’t enough good things to say about Danielle and her team. One unanticipated side effect of being a bride was how little you know about what is going on while you’re basking in your newlywed glow. The day is flying by, there are laughs and tears, and so many of the elements you’ve dreamed and cared about for months would be so easily forgotten if it wasn’t for Danielle. There was never time for me to say “oh crap I forgot…” there was only time for me to say “Oh! Ah! Look at that (thing I’ve been dreaming about). It’s so perfect and wonderful!”

“Danielle is a true professional. She has done this before. She knows what works and what doesn’t. But she is also willing to listen to whatever it is YOU want for YOUR day and give you suggestions on how to make that a reality. As a big picture thinker, Danielle and her timeline forced me to think about think about things step by step. My parents would describe be as a very fly by the seat of my pants person, and though I missed some of that during my wedding day, it was important that everyone was where they needed to be at certain times to keep the day on track. Anything you want to happen on your day, let Danielle know and she will make sure it is built in. (If I’d do it over…schedule a moment with your mom before she goes to the church, though, I didn’t realize she had already left! Wah!)

“The week of the wedding Danielle was following up with vendors while I was finishing last minute crafts and getting my nails done (c’monnnn you’re only a bride once!). From start to finish, the day ran smoothly (and ahead of schedule…whatttt?) and everyone was able to let loose and enjoy. Many of my bridesmaids hope to hire Danielle to organize their life and keep them on schedule daily ;) Not sure that she is offering those services….but they would be in high demand.”