Awwww… one of my favorite parts of the ceremony is the vows, the recessional and the first kiss.

But, how does one prepare themselves properly for their first kiss? Like everything, PRACTICE.

Logan Hotel Wedding from Asya Photography, DPNAK Weddings and Papertini Floral

photo by Asya Photography

No really, I highly recommend practicing your first kiss with your partner prior to the wedding day. It doesn’t have to be a science, but I would recommend getting some practice sessions in to help avoid any awkward moments the day of. Believe it or not, I came up with some tips… yes, on kissing.

01. Don’t be embarrassed. This is going to be one of those times in your life that it will be ok to enjoy a loving moment with your new spouse. You do not have to take things to second base, but I wouldn’t fear being scolded afterwards by your grandmother. Be yourselves and soak in the moment. You only get one “first kiss” so don’t look back on it and say “Oh I wish I didn’t just give you a teeny tiny peck…”

02. Make it last. Any photographer will tell you to kiss for 3-5 seconds. This not only gives them ample time to snag some great photos of that moment, but it also gives everyone else a chance to take it in. You don’t have to kiss and count in your head, but practice before hand and you’ll see how long you last on average.

03. Be yourselves. If you are the type of couple that kisses passionately, then be that couple. If you are more shy about it, then just keep it simple. Don’t look at what other people have done and get nervous, just be you.

04. Don’t get sloppy. We’ve all seen those nightmare moments where the bride and groom practically eat their mate at the altar. You can be passionate without looking like you’re about to get down and dirty right there on the spot. And tongue is only acceptable (in my opinion) if no one can see it. For example, do not lick your partner’s face.

05. Remember your angles. If your man wants to dip you (yahoo), go for it. But don’t dip into the aisle. Your main photographer will most likely be crouched in the aisle at that point of the ceremony, so if you want “the shot”, make sure you stay at a nice angle in regards to them. Plus, your audience of guests are that way too and you want them to have a good view too.

06. Be present. Take that moment to not think about anything but kissing your brand-spanking-new-and-oh-so-sexy spouse. Don’t think about what’s next, the dinner later that night, nothing. Just be present in that moment.

Practicing before hand can honestly be a fun and almost goofy time. Have some wine or your drink of choice and just roll with it. I even recommend getting out all the ways you can’t kiss in front of your family members… this can lead to an extra fun time ;)