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How much do your services cost?2020-01-30T16:01:06-05:00

Just as every couple is unique, so is the event that they plan and the services that they may or may not need. But I know that that answer isn’t very helpful for budgeting purposes. For weddings taking place in traditional settings or catering-inclusive venues, couples typically invest between $2500-$4500+ in our services. For weddings taking place in untraditional settings, like DIY venues or backyards, couples typically invest between $4500-$7500+ in our services.

The best way to know what services will cost for your wedding is to start with a complimentary initial consult.

What if we already have a venue coordinator?2020-01-30T16:00:59-05:00

If your venue comes with a “venue coordinator” (or wedding planner, wedding coordinator, etc.) — that is fantastic! That person will guide you through the finer details as they revolve around the venue.

However, despite this person having a very similar title, their role is often much different than the services I’m providing.

You can read more about the differences here, including why I still recommend hiring your own independent coordinator, like DPNAK.

Do you have a minimum budget you’ll work with?2020-01-30T16:00:54-05:00

I do not have a minimum budget that I require my couples to spend on their day. Over the years, I have found that most of my couples invest between $40,000-$80,000 on their day. But I’ve also worked with much higher and much lower budgets than that.

When should we hire you?2020-01-30T16:05:39-05:00

If you’re looking for coordination or management services, I recommend reaching out as soon as you have your venue and date officially selected. The sooner you reach out in the planning process, the more helpful I can be for you and the better your odds that I have your date available.

While most couples hire DPNAK around 6-14 months before their day, I’ve come on board with as little as five days before the wedding. (Though I don’t recommend waiting THAT long.)

Can you save us money or get us discounts?2020-01-30T16:09:44-05:00

My role, first and foremost, is to provide you with the guidance, tools, and knowledge to plan a wedding you’ll feel confident about and proud of. With my detailed organization, I’m often able to save my couples money by avoiding costly mistakes and being very intentional about their details.

When it comes to getting discounts from vendors, there are some that pass along a discount or bonus product or service as a client of mine. Any savings I receive are passed along to you and I do not accept “kickbacks” from vendors.

Do you carry liability insurance?2020-01-30T16:11:35-05:00

Yes, absolutely. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance, I’m happy to provide them with one.

How many weddings do you have in one weekend?2020-01-30T16:15:05-05:00

I only commit to one wedding per weekend (which is hopefully yours). This allows me to be fully present and committed to only your event that entire weekend.

How many weddings have you done?2020-01-30T16:17:29-05:00

Since 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of hundreds of weddings. While things have certainly changed in the industry since then, the experience I’ve gained has been invaluable and evergreen.

Do you offer day-of coordination services?2020-01-30T16:23:51-05:00

Ultimately, yes I do. But I call it “Wedding Management” and make sure you have the help you need.

I’m going to real with you: There is no such thing as “day-of coordination” where a planner shows up the day of your wedding, waves a magic wand and everything goes perfectly. Professional wedding coordination and planning require time to prepare, discuss and organize the details of your day.

Some planning companies offer “week of” or “month of” options to couples.

I prefer to make myself available to my clients as soon as we start working together for questions, recommendations, timelines, and help. This allows my couples to have a more stress-free planning experience and eliminates a lot of the stress that comes during the final month of planning.

Are there any weddings you won’t help with?2020-01-30T16:35:05-05:00

I believe in love, above all else.

Regardless of what religion you practice, what culture you’re a part of, or how you identify — if you’re a couple who is madly in love and wants to celebrate that love and commitment, I’m honored to be a part of your team.

(As long as no person or animal gets hurt in the process)

How does the free consultation work?2020-01-30T16:40:17-05:00

If I have your date available, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary initial consultation to discuss whatever details of your day you currently have planned and how I can potentially help you through the process.

The first consultation is typically done via phone or video call, but it can also be done in-person in the Upper Bucks County area.

The consultation is around 30-60 minutes, depending on how much we gab.

Anyone who is directly involved in the planning process is welcome to join this conversation.

If additional consultations are needed, they are billed at my hourly rate.

Do you work with a team?2020-01-30T16:43:12-05:00

You will work directly with me throughout the entire planning process.

On your wedding day, I will be present from the time services start through the time that they end (typically after the reception ends). Depending on the complexity of your day, I will also have at least one additional assistant to help me throughout the day and execute your vision.

How far can you travel?2020-01-30T16:46:48-05:00

I’m currently based out of Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County, but I’m originally from Scranton (and yes, I’m a HUGE fan of “The Office”).

My main market is Bucks/Mont counties, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.

For weddings, I can travel up two hours from my current location. This covers most of eastern and central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York City. While I’m happy to travel further, I’ve found that there are often more local options that would be more beneficial to you. (Though I’m honored you’re interested in my work that much)

What forms of payments do you accept?2020-03-02T13:06:13-05:00

Payments can be made via cash, check, bank transfer, eCheck, or credit card.

Any payments made via credit card are subject to a 3.6% surcharge. There are no fees for paying via cash, check, or bank transfer.

The next step: Let’s talk about you.

The best way to get started is with a free consultation.

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Either way, we’re going to talk all about your wedding and the type of help you need. We’ll also likely enjoy a hot beverage or sweet treat because why not. From there, you’ll receive a quote for services specific to your needs and wedding day details.

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