Hey there trendy folks.

For this week, I want to chat with you about wedding signage. “WTF is signage?” you may ask.

Signage is any type of sign (in this case, for your wedding) that tells your guests (or your reader) something important. It gives direction, information or is just cute and fun.

There a likely a million different ways you can add personality to your wedding and signage is easily one of them.

One of the big things that I think we’re going to see a lot of in 2014 is custom hashtags for weddings. A hashtag (#) is a way to make something easily searchable on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Creating a sign that dictates the “official hashtag” encourages guests to take and share photos. (just remember to encourage them to enjoy their time as well – there is a pro photographer there to really capture the details)

Wedding Day Signage | via Etsy

Hashtag sign via Etsy Shop sweetsanity

Or maybe you’re going to have a photo booth at your reception. Let your guests know how it works with a great sign.

Wedding Photo Booth Signage | via Etsy

Photo booth sign via Etsy Seller IDoSignDesigns

Maybe you plan on having a killer signature drink bar with beer, wine and some cocktails. Let your guests know what their options are with a great sign on the bar.

Cocktail menu | via Etsy

Bar menu via Etsy seller TheCrookedTwig

Speaking of drinks, if you’re having a sit-down dinner, placing a menu at each guests place setting is a beautiful touch to continue to add some pizzazz.

Wedding Menu | via Etsy

Dinner menu via Etsy seller WhiteWillowPaper

Or, if you’re having a buffet, you can also add signs there, as well.

chalkboard signs | via Etsy

Food signs via Etsy seller KAArtisticEvents

It’s ALWAYS good to let guests know where they can place their cards and gifts along with any special instructions for your guest book.

wedding sign | via Etsy

Cards sign via Etsy Seller SassySouthernCharm

guestbook sign | via Etsy

Guest book sign via Etsy seller TheCrookedTwig

Of course you can’t forget any reserved seating for your ceremony or reception…

reserved sign | via Etsy

Reserved seating sign via Etsy seller SmilingTag

And really anything else you can think of. Like this bathroom sign to put next to a hospitality basket.

bathroom sign for wedding | via Etsy

Favor sign via Etsy seller BlingSparklesOhMy